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I get the beats by dre over the ear bus f th incredible bass sound reproduction thy create. I listen to mtly heavy metal type music nd t sounds great coming through thse headphones. You an rell feel it! I've lso listened t other types f music lke rap, country, and classical, uch a the Irish Tenors, nd t ll sounds really good, too. If you cn afford thse , gt them, ou wn't b disappointed. The only drawbacks are th price nd if I wear them fr vr n hour, m ears get a little warm.
cheap beats headphones sound quality rally outstanding.
beats headphones may b the loudest pair f 've own. The sound quality rally outstanding. I dn't know, mybe a Sennheiser r n AKG pair culd offer yu a little bit more n sound quality but the extra features, lik th mute botton on th right earcup, nd the cool design just make the beats unique. Yeah, f cours u can say regular audiophile wuld be happier with a standard bose qc 15, but f ou are a special customer wh wnts style, sound nd cool features th beats ar fr you.
The nl thing tht sucks th th run on 2 AAA batteries. Soun Leakage t nt a problem f ou knw how to control yourself. I don't recommend t set the maximum volume on th Ipod, thee will blow our ears.

I purchased th product fr m husband a birthday gift but I do us them frm time t time and WE bth LOVE them! He ues them mstly n his home and I u them for computer and phone calls IN the home.Great but expensive! Love the sound quality! I wuld hve givn ths product 5 stars BUT th are way t expensive! The othr thing that they hould improve n the batteries needed for th noise isolation. For th product to b so expensive I hould nt hv t buy additional batteries or worry bout m batteries dying. And dr dre beats have rechargeable batteries. But at no cost t the manufactor! I am ure in th near future wll deliver product that wll not nd th u of batteries for a more expensive price t pay.
I am l planning n purchasing a pair fr m self in due time. I will be closing m eyes at the register.


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