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beats dr dre are ust fashion accessories for teenagers. Before buying an headphones, ou hould read this:
Ever wndr why ou never see the beng ud n recording ? Radio stations? Or why Beats (and Bose) r onl sold in department stores and nt in high end audio stores?
Are Beats bettr thn th $20 u're ud to? Certainly. Are they a good valu nd the bet headphone for the money? Definitely not. If ou've nver heard $200 pair f Sennheisers or Sony MDB7506 thn ou dn't knw what u're missing.
Value fr Price - a lot of people hv issues with pair of headphones that cost $300, however, th headphones are perfect fr anyn who enjoys music with lot f bass and t hear little to no background noise.
Sound Quality- The beats dre australia terms of bass. I ctuall had t take ff my Bass Booster n my iPhone's EQ in order fr my ears nt to completely vibrate haha. I wouldn't recommend buying ths if u're mor into soft nd jazz style music, then u wuld not b gettng yur money's worth.
beats pro wuld not b gettng yur money's worth
Comfort- They offer a unique design that cups perfectly round your ears. They feel light and fter while, u forget they re vn on our head.
Durability- They r made with durable materials, HOWEVER, whn you put them n and tke them off it doe sem lik t culd break if yu pull thm aart far. I'm ur thy are ctully mwhat hard t break but I'd rther not try ;)

The r nly for certan listeners. Only if you lke lows nd highs when it m with t music. The Klipsch S4 in ear headphones hv much mr bass than these! The beats by dre sale are amazing t noise canceling, and regarding comfort thy re vry comfortable! My problem wth thm was highs, fr examl celion dione and m rell high notes were distorted.
If u lk onl lows nd mids, with motly mids, nd pretty good bass, thn g wth these! If ou wnt omethng with a higher range g with Klipsch r Bose.
I wll warn ou though, THESE ARE NOT WORTH $300, BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT THOUGH. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE NOISE CANCELING AND BEATS LOGO!!! Also, the run n batteries, s thts an extra investment.


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