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beats by dr dre this type of headphones are those that are fit around the ears, and because of this they are commonly called circumaural. They are also known for being used by entertainers, producers, and other people whose profession is about listening to music. This is to be able to hear the music well enough without hearing all other noise around you. The only thing is that, they are great for people who then love listening to music around their house and shut out their families. However, this type of headphone is not recommended to people who have a baby or someone that needs your attending because otherwise you will not be able to hear them when using this type of headphone. But if this is not an issue for you, then these over-the-ear headphones are considered great for you.

beats by dre australia this headset is commonly called as intramural or earbuds. They are truly common, as complimentary item that comes up with your MP3 player or iPod. This type of headset actually have known to be not good enough because of the poor quality of the sounds when this headset is used and also it doesn?t fit properly to the ear. However, even when it has a bad reputation to a lot of people, still it is manufactured and more innovations were made to it like new styles which are even better and were even improved to have a better sound quality. With the improvements made, it will definitely be costly, but if you are to buy it for convenience then it is worth it.

dre beats these type of headphones are called supra-aural, and its placement is around the frame of the ear. The circumaural headphones have leatherette ear cups while this supra-aural headphones have foam and softer ear pads unlike the circumaurals. Unlike the circumaural headphones, this type of headphones are not able to block out sounds well enough. But there are those that are made to have a noise isolation. However, it cannot be that bad at all since these are actually made to be less expensive. This type of headphone with a good quality will work better even when you have a baby to attend to because it will still be able to let you hear things around you.


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